Patch to WordPress for iPhone Accepted!

I recently started a new job at Voce Communications, working on custom WordPress setups.

One of the many perks at Voce is the opportunity to contribute back to open source software.

In some rare free moments, I was able to add HTTP authentication to the WordPress iPhone app, which had been on the ‘future enhancements’ list for quite some time.

I’m really quite elated that I now have code in the App Store, and that I could help such an awesome OSS community.

Feel free to view the patch submission, and mention on the WordPress iPhone blog.

HTTP Auth ButtonHTTP Auth Entry

4 thoughts on “Patch to WordPress for iPhone Accepted!”

  1. That’s awesome !

    I was excited when I first saw your patch submitted, as I know lots of people have been asking for this HTTP auth feature. Great work, and thank again for getting involved — looking forward to many more patches from you 🙂

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for the equally nice patch for ticket #127! The ordering of those post statuses was something we had on our list for some time…

    Hey – ping me when you get a moment. Matt T tells me you’d like to do some more so let’s talk about what you’d like to go after next… Matt T can get you my e-mail…

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