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  1. there seems to be a big bug which when i scroll through the pages it shows the first row only. please fix this 🙂

  2. Jeff,

    Ash called to let me know about the article on Crunch Gear. – How awesome! – Congrats on the success of Movement. I hope it opens many doors and opportunities for you!

  3. I love this app for the apps -loi- though I am a Windows user (please don’t flame me) and really would love this on that platform. My ocd tendencies forces me to rearrange the app icons every time I add/remove. I wish this was a built in feature in iTunes and I am wondering why no one had thought of this before. With 148 apps the screens can get cluttered once you really get into it. Thanks again for developing this app. Oh, and if you need a tester, running Windows7/iPod Touch, feel free to contact me – I will be willing and able.

  4. I can’t tell you what a huge huge blessing Movement is. As a blind iPhone owner, one of the most frustrating things is my virtual inability drag apps into any particular order. It’s sort of doable, but very much hit and miss. Anyway, with your app, which by the way is fully VoiceOver compatible, I organized pages of apps in just a few minutes. If nothing else, your app makes jailbreaking worth it. Thanks again.

  5. Hi, just downloaded movement and it looks great. I use 5 rows on my 3GS and you only display 4 rows and I think the last row is there but not displaying. I also use categories but I am sure you aren’t even thinking about integrating that in your software.


  6. Any chance for a Windows version in the future?

    I’d be more than happy to betatest it on Windows Vista and Windows 7 on an iPhone 3G

  7. Hey Jeff… Congratulations. This is something ever iPhone owner wanted. Any plans of releasing a PC version? We PCs also need something as cool as this to manage our iPhones.

  8. Forgot to add….
    If you get this on Windows (Vista or 7), I will buy you a beer. (or donate a couple of beers via Paypal if you wish)

    My word is my bond

  9. Kudos to you for such a brilliant utility!!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to tame the application sprawl occuring on my Springboard. Please help make it available for Vista or Windows 7!!!

  10. Well after some digging… PearPC – PowerPC Architecture Emulator – would be one alternative to get your amazing utility running in Windows. Thanks again!

  11. I’m chiming in to say this is a desperately needed app, and I can’t wait until there’s a windows version. Please realize that there are loads of people with iPhones who are *not* on Macs.

  12. Excellent, this is really useful! I had thought about doing something like this myself, but never got past the stage of just thinking about it…
    Any chance of supporting Categories? Rearranging apps in folders is even more annoying than on the home screen…

  13. Snow Leopard crashes Movement?

    Just tried Movement for the first time, but it crashes on launch with an uncaught exception. Is this because I have snow leopard?

    Let me know if you want a dump report or further details.



  14. Snow Leopard update – resolved.

    I installed today’s System Update to fix the iTunes connection problem, rebooted and Movement worked like a charm. Not sure if it was the update or the reboot that fixed the problem, but it’s working great now!

  15. Just a note to let you know that I used Movement for the first time today and loved it! I’m on an old ppc mac so I wasn’t sure if it would be ok, but it worked perfectly. It took me all of about 10 seconds 🙂 I left a review on the iphone forum I’m on, hope it’ll encourage more people to check it out 🙂

  16. Any chance this great app will support FCSB (Five Column Spring Board)?
    There’s a lot of FCSB users out there.
    Thank you.

  17. Jeff

    Hey I downloaded movement and plugged it in clicked read apps and it showed the status loading bar, but it does not show any of my apps… any ideas?

  18. Hey, is there any chance to find a place to download Movement ?
    I’m desperatly looking for this great apps…
    Thanks guys

      1. Hell yeah ! Thanx so much !
        Can’t wait to test this at home.
        May be it will fix my strange issue with itunes that doesn’t want to see my app groups anymore despite the fact that my iphone has them. (itunes just explode groups that are set in my iphone)
        sorry if it’s not clear -i’m not english native speaker- it was just in case someone came with the same issue and have solution…
        Anyway, thanks again Jeff !

  19. Ok finally i couldn’t wait, i tried your app.
    Unfortunately it seams not working…
    After “reading app” process, the screen remains black.

    I check the logs in the console and it says :
    Movement[5168] _AMDDeviceAttachedCallbackv3 (thread 0xa0307540): Device ‘AMDevice 0x626cc0 {UDID = 28ba5582113…., device ID = 3, location ID = 0xfa230000, product ID = 0x1294}’ attached.

    and then several times :

    [0x0-0xa30a3].com.jeffstieler.Movement[5168] libpng error: Extra compressed data
    [0x0-0xa30a3].com.jeffstieler.Movement[5168] [read_png_file] Error during read_image

    and when i quit the app it throw again several times:

    [0x0-0xa30a3].com.jeffstieler.Movement[5168] ZLib error! -3
    [0x0-0xa30a3].com.jeffstieler.Movement[5168] This is not a PNG file. I require a PNG file!

    what is the png file it keeps searching ?
    do those errors talks to you ?

    I don’t know if it’s the right place to talk about my issues.
    May be you prefer direct contact via email ?
    Thanks again

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