Here’s some stuff I’ve worked on in my free time.

MyLivePass – Season Ski Pass Data Retrieval

The idea for MyLivePass came about when I realized all of the interesting data my local mountain was keeping on me wasn’t available for my taking.  A local proxy server, iPhone app, and a few meetings between head and desk later – I had done it.  And why not?  It combined two things I love and don’t do enough – snowboarding and reverse engineering.

POMMCheat – Private WoW Server Map Hack

I wrote POMMCheat while playing World of Warcraft on a “private” server.  It is an exploit of an online map that shows online players’ positions.  My goal was to use the map to see when a player of a rival faction was approaching, so I could choose whether or not to engage in PvP.  It was never completely finished, although it is a decent beta.  A few pretty pictures and source code await you at the above link.