Updated SPE package for Mac OS X

I haven’t written a ton of python. and what I have isn’t very pythonic.

An IDE that really helped me out when I did write said python was Stani’s Python Editor (SPE).  It has a host of useful features including (but not limited to) debugging, UML, GUI creation, and Blender support.

Without modification, SPE is simply a .py to be executed, which can be a bit cumbersome on OS X where you may be used to launching apps via the dock or spotlight/quicksilver.

Over on Stani’s blog, Krzysztof Olczyk posted an OS X packaged version of SPE.

I have simply updated the version to reflect the latest as of this post, which is 0.8.4.h

If there are issues, check the forums over at Berlios, or contact me.

You can snag it here.